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I am spending most of my days building websites now, so there isn’t time to make any pieces besides digital. But as I said in a previous blog entry, I am really into it right now, so I don’t mind.

What I do mind, is waiting around for tech support. I know it frustrates my clients when they have to wait a bit for me to respond to their emails, texts messages and voicemails. Let me just say, I feel your pain! Sometimes, like today, part of the reason you are waiting, is because I am waiting for answers myself. So for over an hour I have been waiting on a simple answer from tech support.. and I am tempted to go forward without confirmation, because if I am anything, it is impatient…

But I am also careful and attentive to details to the absolute point of total obsession.. therein lies the conflict. But today.. I am feeling Evil Knievel levels of risk taking. And things tend to go wrong when I’m in this mood.. like the time I lost my entire Sadie’s Old House blog.

Pep-talk Time: Oof, self, be strong! Maintain composure…

I am trying to manage my impatience by checking on other websites.. but I am done with that.. so I decided to write a blog entry here on what I have been doing.

I am currently working on an artists’ social networking and exhibit/blog website for Memphis Germantown Art League (MGAL), and you can see that development at – And no, they aren’t the client who’s tech support answers are making me antsy right now.

I am really proud of this website. I have been dying to build a social networking giant, but without a practical application, why would I go to the trouble? It’s fun to make demo websites, but not so much fun when they go nowhere or when it’s time to renew their server hosting expenses. I’ve thrown in a few extra features because I want it to thrive, and I believe they are more than pleased.

So if you are looking for an artist group to join in Memphis, look at MGAL… I can tell you first-hand, they have a great website! ?

Okay.. it’s been nearly two hours now. I can’t wait any longer, I am going in without tech support.. this is ridiculous.

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